Curiosity is the Fountain of Youth


“The constant happiness is curiosity.” 
……….Alice Munro

Barbara J Desman

Saving Aimee and Saving Margo Book cover
eBook ISBN 9781667835723
Paperback ISBN 9781667835716

When Margo decided to try to find the child she gave up eighteen years ago, she never thought the police would also be looking for Aimee and would suspect that she had something to do with her disappearance. If she was going to save her daughter, the secret Margo had kept all these years would have to be shared with Aimee’s biological father who didn’t know she existed. In the end, will her desire to help save her daughter also save Margo?

Margo’s story is set in the nineteen-nineties when the major center for human trafficking was Thailand and little was known about it in the United States. While this is not only a book about human trafficking, it’s my hope that the reader will learn from the experiences of Aimee and Margo, and perhaps be moved, as I was, to become involved in raising awareness.

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