Guide to Fighting Human Trafficking in Arizona

This Phoenix Dream Center Volunteer Resource Guide includes more than 100 suggestions for the best volunteer and donation experience.
You can download it by clicking here.

Ways Your Church Can Help Fight Against Human Trafficking

This Phoenix Dream Center pamphlet offers at least 15 ideas your church can help.
You can download it by clicking here.

40 Day Prayer Journal Human Trafficking

Per the Phoenix Dream Center introduction, “This 40 Day Prayer Journal is a reflection of the hearts of victims and survivors of human trafficking and the community of people who work so hard to help them heal.”
You can download it by clicking here.

A Family Safety Guide Human Trafficking

This Phoenix Dream Center guide includes a survivor’s perspective, warning signs, statistics, safety tips for children, safety tips for parents, tips for parents about how to talk to your kids and other sources. Download by clicking here.


  • How Human Trafficking became a part of my book and took me in a different direction.
  • Cultural attitude toward Human Trafficking and women in Thailand.
  • Human trafficking includes more than sex trafficking.
  • How to spot signs of possible Human Trafficking.
  • Talking to your son or daughter about Human Trafficking.
  • Why does Margo need an alter ego?
  • What is the “Romeo or Loverboy” technique and what happens to Aimee to make her vulnerable to it?
  • My writing journey begins at 70.
  • The pandemic, writing and me.
  • How dare I believe I could write and publish a book?
  • Who are your tribes and how I discovered a new tribe.
  • Life lessons from POV